Lead Hazard Reduction Program's Mission

-To work toward eliminating lead paint in Woonsocket homes and to prevent childhood lead poisoning by offering homeowners 5-year forgivable loans for lead paint remediation. The City of Woonsocket will fund 100% of repair costs if the homeowner does not sell their home within five years of loan approval.

-To prevent the perpetuation of cognitive and physical disabilities caused by childhood lead poisoning that keep low-income marginalized people in a cycle of poverty

-To make home repairs more accessible to lower-income tenants and homeowners to ensure safer housing for current and future residents

What is Lead?

Lead is a very toxic metal, mined from the earth. It is used in products including paint, ceramics, pipes, solders, gasoline, batteries and cosmetics. High levels of lead can be poisonous, especially for children under the age of six and pregnant people and pregnant individuals/unborn children.

Where can it be found in your home?

Lead can be a hazard when it is not in good condition, especially in areas where children may play, including windows and window sills, doors and door frames, stairs, railings, banisters, and porches. Children may eat or breathe in dust causing health issues.

What does the Lead Hazard Reduction Program provide?

•We are providing lead paint intervention at no cost to you to help prevent childhood lead poisoning and promote you and your family’s long-term health and wellness

•We can further educate you on other resources for home safety such as LIHEAP and Weatherization programs and empower you to take advantage of these important resources!

•Typical repairs may include new windows and doors, exterior painting, interior painting, siding

Who is eligible for the program?

•Home must be built before 1978

•Tenants must fall under a certain income level to qualify

•Homes with children under the age of six are prioritized for approval

•Homeowners must be up to date on all property taxes, water, sewer, and trash bills, and motor vehicle payments

What are the benefits of the program?

•We make crucial repairs more financially accessible to ensure the safety of you and your tenants.

•Lead paint remediation will help homeowners avoid code violation fines by the city so you can save money

Application Process

Please contact one of our Resident Educators/Eligibility Specialists for assistance with the application process and the necessary paperwork.

•Both homeowners and tenants must complete full applications to qualify
•Residents Educators will help all applicants navigate the process of collecting required information and documents

80% of Rhode Island homes were built before 1978 and Woonsocket has some of the oldest housing stock in the country


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