Rhode Island Works Program
RIW Program provides intense case management to residents/families and assists individuals with placement in permanent, full-time employment to guide them towards self-sufficiency. The four components of the program include:

  1. Supportive Services;
  2. Teen & Family Development;
  3. Vocational Training;
  4. Employment Services.

DHS case workers work with parents to develop an employment action plan outlining steps they must take to increase their success in the competitive job market.

Depending on the age of the youngest child, single parents are required to dedicate 20 to 30 hours per week conducting employment searches, engaging in job readiness training, and/or pursue further education.

Some working parents may still qualify for cash assistance, health care coverage, childcare subsidies and SNAP benefits (formerly called food stamps).

Case Management is a process that assists eligible Providence residents to plan, seek, and secure needed services from CAPP and other community programs.

For more information contact 401-273-2000